About Us

Big Sur Campground and Cabins was started in 1953 by Don McQueen and Walter Trotter, and has been a work in progress ever since. Their vision was to create a high-quality destination where families could spend time enjoying the beauty of Big Sur, and they worked hard to make the campground what it is today.

Sometime during the 1970ís, Don bought Walterís half of the campground and is still an active part of the activities here today.

In 1979, Mieke started working at the campground, fell in love with Don, and they were married. Mieke has also been very involved with the campground, and is largely responsible for setting the high standards we all enjoy today.

Among our guests are families that have been visiting us for generations. Parents who came here as children now bring their families to share memories created years ago. Some tell stories about playing on the rope swing that hung over the swimming hole (insurance companies wonít allow that anymore), or of the weekend dances held on what is now the basketball court. Itís a treat to see photo albums full of images of families having fun here, to learn that a family has created a Big Sur Campground and Cabins campfire song book, or just to listen to stories about new adventures and experiences.

In the early days, it was common for the families staying here to participate in maintaining the campground and keeping it clean. It was a great way to keep kids busy during a long stay in Big Sur, and it made them feel part of the campground.

Over time, we have added more cabins as a way of providing accommodation options for our guests. Itís one way of making sure grandpa and grandma can still come along.

We have always provided guests to Big Sur Campground and Cabins clear, clean, pristine drinking water from our own well. We have periodically updated the system to meet current government regulations, allowing us to continue to offer great tasting water. No need for bottled water here!

Today, we strive to stay true to Don and Walterís original dream. It is our goal, every day, to provide our guests with a clean, quiet and friendly place to bring the family and create memories!